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casketLoosing a loved one can be difficult. In your time of grief, the last thing on your mind may be planning a funeral and it may be difficult to make the right choices. When faced with the inevitable, count on Oak Park Hills Chapel to provide you with the caring, comforting funeral home services you need. Since 1961, Oak Park Hills Chapel has been of service to families in the greater San Francisco area. Our family has provided caring and compassionate funeral services for three generations. Oak Park Hills Chapel has full service facility that offers a myriad of services such as cremation, scattering of ashes, cemetery burial property, and more.

While some funeral homes store the deceased in off-location storage facilities, Oak Park Hills Chapel does not. We keep the deceased person in our care at all times. In addition, we offer viewing services prior to the funeral, so you can take a moment with your loved one before they are buried. We are committed to honesty and compassion here at Oak Park Hills Chapel. Our staff is hear to provide you with any consultation you may need regarding burial, cremation, and more. Are you looking to organize your own service? Our professional staff will assist you in drafting and planning your vision exactly as you wish.

Oak Park Hills Chapel assists families of all religious and non-religious beliefs. Whether you are Catholic, Mormon, or Atheist, you can be sure that Oak Park Hills Chapel will handle your needs.

Oak Park Hills Chapel also carries a wide selection of casket options and urns. We offer frequent discounts and competitive rates for our services. Currently, we are offering $50 off cremation services and $100 off burial services. 

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